Outside of Class Speaker Critique

The speaker was a business professor who talked about his life and he had 3 companies, he sold them all. the less one sold it for 4.5 millions. write a short essay detailing the presentation’s effectiveness. Combine your notes into a well written 1-2 page critique. Use MLA format. 12 point font. No cited sources or a bibliography are needed.

1.How did the speaker gain the attention of the audience?

2.How did the speaker relate the topic to the audience? Did he/she give the audience a “reason to care”?

3.What was the thesis statement or purpose of the presentation?

4.Was there a preview of the main points? List them.

5.How well did the speaker use supporting material? Give examples.

  1. Discuss the speaker’s conclusion. How well did s/he summarize the main theme?
  2. Did the speaker review the major points? To what extent was the conclusion creative? 8.Discuss the speaker’s use of language. Was it clear, concise, creative?
  3. Discuss the speaker’s delivery (e.g. eye contact, gestures, vocal variety, etc.) 10.In what parts of the speech could the speaker have improved this presentation? 11.What was the overall delivery method? 12.Was technology utilized and did the visual and aural supplementary elements truly enhance the presentation? Why or why not? 13.If you could speak directly to the presenter, what part of our course textbook would you encourage them to incorporate?

Sample Solution