Submit a three (3) page paper (minimum) including a cover page, on a celebrity who has faced addiction and been through treatment. Include the following in your paper and cite your sources using APA 7. • Cover page • Who is the celebrity? • Why are they famous/What do they do?
• What addiction did this person face/ What were they using? • How long were they using?
• How was the drug administered?
• How did this person begin using/Was there a cause? • What made this person seek help/treatment?
• What sort of treatment did the person receive? • What was the treatment likeANhat happened in treatment?
• How long was the person in treatment?
• What has happened since treatment/Do they stilt use?
• How has addiction changed this persons life:
• What are your suggestions for treatments ltat could have been done better in the treatment


Sample Answer

Sample Answer

Title: Overcoming Addiction: The Journey of Celebrity X

Cover Page

– Title: Overcoming Addiction: The Journey of Celebrity X
– Name: [Your Name]
– Date: [Date]
– Course: [Course Name]
– Professor: [Professor’s Name]


Celebrities often seem to lead glamorous lives, but behind the scenes, they face challenges and struggles like everyone else. One common issue that many celebrities have dealt with is addiction. This paper will delve into the journey of a renowned celebrity, X, who faced addiction and successfully underwent treatment to overcome it.

Who is the Celebrity?

Celebrity X is a well-known actor in Hollywood who rose to fame for their captivating performances in various blockbuster movies.

Addiction Faced

Celebrity X struggled with alcohol addiction for several years, using it as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety in the competitive entertainment industry.

Duration and Administration

The addiction spanned over a period of five years, during which Celebrity X consumed alcohol excessively in social settings and during moments of solitude.

Initiation and Cause

The use of alcohol began as a means to alleviate the pressure of fame and meet the expectations of fans and the industry. The demanding nature of their work environment played a significant role in triggering the addiction.

Seeking Help

The turning point for Celebrity X was a public intervention by close friends and family, which prompted them to realize the destructive path they were on and seek professional help.

Treatment Received

Upon acknowledging the need for change, Celebrity X admitted themselves to a reputable rehabilitation center known for its holistic approach to addiction recovery.

Treatment Experience

The treatment involved a combination of therapy sessions, group support meetings, physical activities, and detoxification processes. Throughout the program, Celebrity X learned coping mechanisms and strategies to manage triggers and cravings.

Duration of Treatment

Celebrity X dedicated six months to the rehabilitation program, fully committing to the recovery process and actively participating in all aspects of treatment.

Post-Treatment Progress

Since completing the rehabilitation program, Celebrity X has maintained sobriety and actively engages in ongoing therapy and support groups to prevent relapse. Their dedication to sobriety has been commendable, serving as a source of inspiration for fans and fellow industry professionals.

Impact of Addiction

The battle with addiction has profoundly transformed Celebrity X’s life, leading to improved mental health, better relationships with loved ones, and a renewed focus on personal well-being. The experience has instilled resilience and humility, shaping them into a more grounded and empathetic individual.

Suggestions for Better Treatment

While Celebrity X’s journey to recovery has been commendable, there are areas where the treatment process could have been enhanced. Providing more personalized therapy tailored to their specific triggers and addressing underlying psychological issues could have expedited the healing process and contributed to long-term success.


In conclusion, Celebrity X’s story is a testament to the transformative power of seeking help and committing to the recovery journey. By sharing their struggles with addiction and triumph over it, they have not only reclaimed their life but also inspired others to seek help and believe in the possibility of overcoming addiction. Through dedication, resilience, and a supportive network, anyone can emerge victorious in the battle against addiction.


– Include relevant APA 7 formatted references here.

This essay provides an overview of a celebrity’s journey through addiction and treatment, offering insights into the challenges they faced and the steps taken towards recovery.



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