Overweight and obese

Please do two lunches and two dinners. This is a total of 4 separate meals. Please do four separate chart for each meal Answer these questions below. Thank you!

Why do people gain weight when they don’t intend to gain weight? What’s the difference between overweight and obese?
What kinds of health risks are associated with overweight/obesity? What kinds of diets do people try to then lose this weight?
Are these diets generally successful? What kind of effects on peoples’ eating habits can obsessive dieting have?…physically…mentally?
Is sugar good…bad…neither….both? Tell me why. What are the roles of fiber in your diet? Sources?
Know anyone who has had or does have Diabetes? What effects does/did it have on them?
What role does alcohol play in your life? Your friends? Family? What role do you think it should play? How much alcohol is too much?

Sample Solution