Palliative and hospice for chronically ill pediatric patient

Palliative and hospice for chronically ill pediatric patient, giving up hope and
accepting the outcome is best form both patient and family.
Claims of Opposition with Counter-Argument and Rebuttal – refutation
Acknowledges the opposing assertion by conceding to the opposition, but then refutes, or tears down, the
opposition’s assertion by proving it wrong, invalid, or unacceptable.
Explains a rationale by presenting different points of view on the opposing assertion and then rationalizes as to
why writer’s stance is preferred over the opposition.
Demonstrates writer is informed on issue and therefore credible.
Must be written in a respectful tone – avoid rude and deprecating language.
Phrases that introduce refutation include: “Some may disagree,” “Others may think,” or “Other commonly held
opinions are,” followed by the opposing assertion, which is followed by the CAR.
Restate Thesis
“So What?” Implications or Call to Action
Strong ethical or emotional appeals

Sample Solution