Pamphlet Writing

The pamphlet writing assignment will be a trifocals information pamphlet on pathogenic fungi, parasitic protozoa, millionths, or arthropod vectors.
What microbe or disease intrigues you the most?
Select one agent (e.g., hook worm, malaria, etc.) and find out all you can about it. Using what you learned from your reading, articles you find in the Harold B. Lee Library, and dependable information online (e.g., NIH or CDC), create a trifold information pamphlet showing the etiology of the agent.
Here are pamphlet samples to help get your pamphlet-creating juices flowing. (Be sure to include any and all of the URLs you use and cite them.)
Sample Pamphlet 1
Sample Pamphlet 2
Sample Pamphlet 3
Sample Pamphlet 4
Sample Pamphlet 5 (Note: This pamphlet is the best example of citing sources.)
Helpful Links
Harold B. Lee Library
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Submission Guidelines
There are multiple formats to choose from for this assignment. You may submit your pamphlet as a Word document (DOC or DOCX), PDF, PowerPoint file (PPT or PPTX), or JPG or JPEG file. The file name should include your name, the course, and the assignment. For example: KimMiller_MMBIO-221-Pamphlet.pptx.

Sample Solution