Parameters for Reaction

The reaction paper will be five (5) pages. Double spaced with half inch margins all around. Size 12 Font.

The paper will involve your reaction to the Documentary, “The Seven Five”, that was viewed in class. In your reaction, you will make observations regarding the ethical issues that we discussed in the first half of the semester. Specifically, you will use Chapters 04 – 07. For example, you will observe the various neutralization techniques the officers used (denial of victim, denial of injury, appealing to higher loyalties). Additionally, you will make observations regarding the various ethical dilemmas the officers faced against the backdrop of the dilemmas we reviewed in class. Finally, you will then make your final observations as to what you believe was the path or “slippery slope” of unethical conduct the officers took, and what, if anything, the officers could have done to prevent this.

Sample Solution