Parent Presentation Regarding Technology Plan

Your principal has delegated to you, an assistant principal, the task of preparing a presentation and inviting a group of parents to a meeting where you would explain your school or district’s technology plan. Use PowerPoint for the presentation.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (at least 10 — 15 slides) that you will use with the parent group.
Include the following:
List at least one(1) State strategic technology objective and how the school/district reflects compliance. List at least one(1) school level technology plan objective and action step. The presentation must include a chart(or graph) showing student performance or computer utilization. Include graphics (pictures or clip art), sound effects and transitions between the slides. (Animation is optional). Be sure the title page and references conform to the Writing Format Guidelines and are the first and last slides of the presentation. Consider the audience for the presentation and limit the words on each slide. Include graphics that enhance the presentation. Have at least three(3) references. Include at least one(1) references from:
WCG Resources Instructional Plan Implementation Effective Communication Skills

Sample Solution