“Park Avenue: Power and the American Dream”

The purpose of this response paper is to evaluate your knowledge on the documentary “Park Avenue: Power
and the American Dream”
You should watch it as many times
as you feel necessary to complete the assignment. Try to concentrate on what you feel about each part of the
documentary. It will help a great deal if you write notes as you watch.
Your response could be negative or positive. You should state the reason why you feel that way. Point out any
errors that you may find in the story line. If you feel that there is nothing negative to point out, that is also
perfectly acceptable. You can give your suggestions on what could have made the documentary better. You
could offer your opinion on the theme, the topic, the style and anything else that could be related to the
You can also talk about what your initial reaction was after the first five minutes and how it changed as you
continued to watch. You could elaborate on why your initial feeling about the documentary didn’t last till the
end. You could also discuss what you had expected initially and whether it turned out to be better or worse.
Use first person narrative to write this paper as it is your response that has been asked for. Keep it in mind that
writing a response paper is one of those rare occasions where ‘I’ matters a lot. What you feel and how you feel
on watching the film is what the paper is all about.

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