Parking issues on campus

Your task is to write an unsolicited internal proposal in the form of an Executive Summary (1,000 word
minimum) that addresses a real, specific, and actionable problem that you identify in a real
organization to which you belong, like a workplace or social organization. You are using a real
organization that you are part of, not the organization of Units 1 or 2. If you are not currently
employed, you might address a problem in an on-campus organization to which you belong, or the
functioning of some specific aspect of the University—the Registrar, Financial Aid, the M.U., etc. I
understand that during this time our participation in groups and our employment situations may have
changed drastically. What I ask is that you approach this assignment as if this was a normal quarter: what
issue would you have liked to address?
You may NOT write about:
1) parking issues on campus
2) the cost of textbooks/tuition
3) creation/deletion/addition of courses
4) change in major requirements
5) some social issue too large and complex to address in a single proposal- e.g. racism or gender bias
6) the federal government

Sample Solution