Passive euthanasia on humanitarian grounds

Read Chapters 2 – 5 and draft thoughtful/analytical replies to the following short answer (min 200 words each)
questions. Click Start Assignment when you’re ready to submit.
1) Judith Jarvis Thompson states that “all persons have a right to life. I am arguing only that having a right to
life does not guarantee having either a right to be given the use of or a right to be allowed continued use of
another person’s body – even if one needs it for life itself.” What does she mean by this claim? How does it fit
with her argument that abortion can be justified in certain cases even if the fetus is understood as fully human?
2) Don Marquis raises infanticide when he outlines the “Appeals to Cases” argument. What is the relevance of
infanticide for this discussion, and how does it illustrate Marquis’s views regarding abortion?
3) James Rachels argues that if one accepts passive euthanasia on humanitarian grounds, then one ought to
accept active euthanasia as well–it gets the same thing done but with less suffering. Explain Rachels’
argument for this claim. How does Bonnie Steinbock criticize this argument?
4) John Hardwig argues that in some cases the elderly and the terminally ill may have a duty to die. Explain
Hardwig’s argument for this claim. What objections does he consider and reject in support of this claim?
5) In his dissenting opinion on Greg v. Georgia, Justice Marshall claims that the death penalty constitutes cruel
and unusual punishment. What evidence does he bring forward to support his claim? How does he try to
persuade the reader that his views are justified? Do you agree/disagree? Explain/Discuss.
6) Maggie Gallagher argues against same sex marriage on the grounds that it would undermine the
fundamental purpose of marriage. Explain/analyze her argument for this claim. How does Rauch respond to
this argument?

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