Patient Diagnosis

Dominic is a 34 year old who has a questionable line of employment. He arrives at the local hospital, it the emergency department in a friend’s car where he was pushed from the back seat and the driver sped away leaving Dominic covered in blood on the ground. He is rushed to a treatment room where you discover that his is barely able to talk, cannot catch his breath and has stab wounds noted to his chest and abdomen. After donning proper PPE, you obtain the following vitals:

Blood Pressure: 80/46

Pulse: 132

Respirations: 34

Temperature 35.2C

Pulse Ox: 91% RA

What is your priority in caring for Dominic at this time?
The physician yells “Start fluids STAT!” What fluids would you anticipate being ordered?
The physician looks at you and asks “Do you think you should give whole blood, or packed red cells?” How do you respond? Defend your response.

Sample Solution