Pedagogy in early years

Provide an overview of the context and discourses (these could be political, historical, theoretical and cultural) visible in the supporting material and documentation of the curriculum statement you have selected (either to the Early Years Learning Framework).
Outline the major concepts introduced by the key theorists (i.e. Vygotsky – zone of proximal development) you have chosen. This demonstrates your understanding of this intellectual work, and your ability to understand its relevance to early education. Now identify and describe how these concepts are evident in the selected curriculum statement. This is one of the most difficult aspects of this assignment, because the language used in the curriculum, may be different from that originally used by the theorist you have chosen. This part of the paper demonstrates your conceptual understanding of this theorist and the practical application of their ideas.
Discuss the implication of the curriculum and theorist or theory you have selected in your own implementation of socially just and equitable pedagogy in early childhood education. In this part we are asking you to identify which aspects of this theoretical work will be directly useful for you in your teaching work, and to explain how you expect to put these into practice during your placement or in future teaching.

Sample Solution