Read the above referenced paper and answer the questions below. For questions 1-4, write your answers directly into this handout; for question 5, write the written portion in this handout, and append the figure to the back of the document.

1. How many sites were used to collect data in this work? (2)

2. In what cities was this work conducted? (2)

3. The cycle length was not the same at all of the sites. How might cycle length duration impact the behavior of pedestrians in general, as well those observed in this study? (4)

4. Of the sites in this work, what percentage had pedestrian push buttons? How might this difference in site characteristics (push button vs. no push button) impact pedestrian behavior, and therefore the outcome of this study? (5)

5. The subjects in this study were broken into three different age groups. Why might different age groups impact pedestrian behavior in the crosswalk? (3)

6. Think about pedestrians on NAU’s campus. Identify a location where pedestrian distraction might cause a safety issue (conflicts between various users). Using your favorite online mapping website, attach an aerial of this location, and annotate on the photo, by hand, the exact location, the conflicting modes and directions of travel that cause the issue (4).

7. Propose a solution to address the safety issue you’ve identified. Your solution should address three of the four ‘E’s’ of traffic safety: Engineering, Enforcement, and Education. Your solution may address each of these independently. For the ‘Engineering’ solution, a sketch of your proposed solution is required for full credit. (10)































































Sample Solution