Pediatrics Nursing

Each student will submit a typed summary of the experience.
Sentences should be complete with correct grammar and spelling. Sources should be cited in APA format.
Address the following areas:
Describe a developmental assessment of the group of children you observed (expected vs. observed for: gross
motor, fine motor, language, one theorist (such as Piaget, Freud, Kohlberg, or Erikson), socialization, and type
of play observed.
• State the learning goal for the group of children. Describe how it was or was not met.
• Describe the content of the project and your role in presenting it. What modifications would you make if you
taught the same health promotion project again?
• Reflect how this experience promoted student learning and development. What were the surprises of the
• Analyze this experience related to both the classroom and clinical portion of NUR 220. (Include concepts
such as communication, cultural backgrounds/diversity, etc.

Sample Solution