Peer Review Letter of a research essay about music therapy


The format is basic business letter. “The letter is your critical response to the work of a colleague from the course. “Critical,” in this case, means a thoughtful, intelligent response that identifies points of both strength and weakness in the drafts. In your letter provide a short summary of the work achieved by the writer, then discuss the work’s strengths as well as those areas that may require additional thought” I will be uploading the instructions that my colleague needed to follow so please look for appropriateness and breadth giving the instructions. Also, the brochure which means what is the argument, find the question, is it something argumentable. The writing has to be formal. And also check out the bibliography. My colleagues work is only an initial draft, it was supposed to be her second draft but she changed her topic last night, thats why she only has one paragraph but she does have a page of ideas, quotations, and main points that you can still review too. Thank you! Also, you don’t need to provide a source/reference for this course work, it says one because i cant choose zero.

Sample Solution