Peer review report

Peer Review Report:

Provide feedback on the briefing note attached from a fellow student. Provide feedback to a classmate on his/her note. The student’s paper is attached to this order, labeled: “PAPER TO DO PEER REVIEW ON”

Before you start, go to the following links, which provide some general guidelines and recommendations for participating in a peer review process:

Carleton University. “Guidelines for Students – Peer Review”

While preparing your peer review report, attend to both the components and academic writing standards required, as follows.

Required Components
Are all of the required components that should be included in a briefing note present? (Refer back to the six components that should be included). Please see attached document labeled “instructions” to see what the proper instructions were for the briefing note.

If not, recommend further information to include.

Discuss the analysis. Were the options presented thorough? Are there other options to consider? If you were the person responsible to act on the information contained in the briefing note, would you be comfortable doing so. If yes, let them know. If not, why not?

Grammar, Style, and Citations
Are there any grammatical or spelling problems?

Were citations included and properly done?

Does the writing flow well? Is it easy to follow?

Provide your report, including strengths and weaknesses, and points to be considered for possible improvements of the briefing report, to your peer. (25 marks)

































































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