Performance Task

Analyze a computing innovations impact on society, economy, or culture and explain how this impact could be beneficial and/or harmful
explain how a computing innovation consumes, produces, or transforms data; and
describe how data storage, data privacy, or data security concerns are raised based
on the capabilities of the computing innovation.
You are also required to:
investigate your computing innovation using a variety of sources (e.g., print, online, expert interviews);
provide in-text citations of at least three different sources that helped you create your computational artifact and/or formulate your written responses;
› At least two of the sources must be available online or in print; your third source may be either online, in print, or a personal interview with an expert on the computing innovation.
› At least two of the sources must have been created after the end of the previous academic year.
produce a computational artifact that illustrates, represents, or explains the computing innovation’s intended purpose, its function, or its effect.

Sample Solution