Purpose: To use the information from Chapter 10 about Cause and Effect writing and Persepolis to write an essay in which you help readers understand the character of Marjane.
Prompt: Halfway through Persepolis, Marjane has a falling out with her beloved imaginary friend, God. This break marks a very dramatic turning point for Marjane. Using this scene as the starting point for your topic, write a 1000- to 1200- word thesis-driven essay in response to one of the following topics:
• What causes Marjane to break from God in Persepolis? What specific events and/or changes in Marjane’s life lead her to banish God? Use at least three specific scenes to explain why Marjane’s relationship with God falls apart.
• How does her break from God affect Marjane? How does her life and character change after she banishes God from her life? Use at least three specific scenes to show how the break from God affects Marjane.

Sample Solution