Personal business plan

Consider the following topic areas and questions as you work on your Personal Business Plan Report.

  1. Vision and Opportunity
    • What are your goals (career and/or educational) after you leave your university?
    • What are your purpose, your values, and your mission? List the 3 key questions that guide your choices. These should be essential questions that serve as touchstones to direct your life and work. For instance, how can I have an impact? What do I love? What do I fear? What engages my passions? How do I want to be remembered? The answers to these questions may well change over time, but when the questions themselves are fundamental they tend to last a lifetime.
    • What are the market and opportunity that align with your goals? Don’t restrict yourself to matters of career or work; think more broadly about your opportunities to make a difference.
  2. Marketing and Implementation Strategy
    • Create your market positioning statement. This may be directed at a hypothetical employer, industry, organization, or the world at large.
    • What compelling value will you offer to your employers and society?
    • How will you differentiate from other UAE students? How about from the broader populace?
  3. Risks and Mitigation
    • What are the key milestones and checkpoints in your plan?
    • How will you measure/determine if you have successfully attained these milestones? How do you define success?
    • What external factors might affect your attaining success? (Positively or adversely)
    • Develop contingency and risk mitigation strategies.
    • Entrepreneurship is not all about personal financial gain. It concerns crafting a lifelong plan to make a positive impact on society. Character does matter. Failure is OK; unethical behavior is not. True wealth requires the creation of enduring value, which requires integrity and ethics.
    • How do you plan to practice ethical principles in your daily actions?

Sample Solution