Personal Journal

Your Personal Journal is an opportunity to reflect and learn more about yourself along the way. For example, as you are beginning to work as a team, what are you observing about the process? How are you feeling and reacting? Any surprises? Any concerns? Other insights?
Given your personal insights, if you were able to coach someone else on working as part of a team, what might be some of your most critical observations and recommendations for helping a team come together in its early stages?
To prepare for this Assignment:
• Reflect on this week’s experiences with your team.
Complete your journal entry for this week in your Personal Journal, reflecting on your experiences with the team process for this week.
• How is it going?
• What are you learning about yourself?
• What are you learning about the team process?
• What seems to be working well? Not so well?
• How might you continue to support your team’s development and ongoing progress?
• What more may be needed to enhance the team process?
• Share any other thoughts you may have.

Sample Solution