Personal statement for PhD application in business management

1. This is an essay for Phd application. I choose the TOP writer because I need a professional writer with a phd degree to help me, at least a phd student in a top university.

2. Background, research experiences, research interests and reasons for choosing the program, and maybe other qualifications should be included in the statement, among these, research experience and research ability should be at the first importance. Based on my draft, you can rewrite the statement with better logic and structure in a concise and academic writing style.

3. Add/delete information that you believe necessary. I have also sent you my CV so you can know more about my experiences.

4. Pay attention to one thing special about me: I am applying for a second phd degree. Let me make it more clear to you. I earned the bachelor degree in 2013, and started the phd program at the same institution from 2013 until now. The normal program length is five years, but because I visited the US for one year, it has been extended to six years for me. If graduated in June 2019, I will be awarded a phd in economics. That means I expect to earn a phd degree in economics before entering the program in finance I am applying for.
Therefore, unlike most applicants, I need to explain my motivation for a second phd. I hope that my first phd experience could be one of my advantages(as you can see in the draft, I have more research experiences, and I have been exposed to all phd-level courses), but I do not want to stress about the degree(because I am not sure of graduation next year and some professors might hold a negative attitude about this), thus, I described this experience as “graduate study” in the draft. However I still need to make some explanation in the last paragraph when stating “why this school and why this program”.
5. Can you take my experiences into consideration and add a motivation paragraph for me?




























































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