Perspective regarding families and working with families is shifting and changing

1. How is your perspective regarding families and working with families is shifting and changing?( I am more aware of how race, ethnicity and other facts help to change the perspective and opinion on others, in particular working with families from different backgrounds)
2. What assumptions or biases that you hold are emerging? (The strength of family and the different ideas children have based on their families rituals and cultural background)
3. How are you thinking in new ways regarding working with families from diverse backgrounds?( I am trying to work with families in a more meaningful way despite the fact of their social economical background , religion and spiritual affiliation)
4. How will you use the knowledge and experiences you are gaining in this course as you work in a classroom with young diverse learners and their families. Being less bias and judgmental with families’ situation and also children’s situation . We tend to Marginalize based on our on experiences and this something that I am trying to avoid when working with families and in all types of circumstances in my life
5. How do the readings relate to your own family experiences and/or the experiences of the families you work with each day?
It relates in many aspects of my life since I am a person from another country who came to the USA and who also comes from a transitional family. Since my father immigrated to USA first and provide to my mother and bother before being able to obtain legal documents for everybody



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