Perspective was practically a new method created during the Early Renaissance. Perspective was a mathematical way for artists to simulate dimension in art. Below is the link to a video that I would like for you to watch first before searching for your image. I would like for you to share an image in this discussion showing one-point perspective (examples: a railroad, a hallway, etc.) even though we live in a 3D world. I would like for you to take a photo (with your phone or camera) of something from your everyday life that shows perspective. It may be something that you have never noticed before. Remember, one-point perspective has all lines (real or implied) going towards one point. Look around. With your image please tell your classmates the following information about your chosen image: (Post by Friday) -How did you create perspective in this image? (Did you have to stand at a certain position or shoot at a certain angle?) -Does perspective affect the way the image is viewed or portrayed? How? Give an example (what if you stood in a different position?).



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