Some possible topics (this is just to get you started thinking, you are not limited by this list. In fact, I encourage you to be creative.) include:

  • Creating your own model of persuasion
  • Exploring one or more of the persuasion theories we have discussed this semester
  • Analyzing an advertising campaign for a product, campaign, or public service based on what you have learned about persuasion

Your paper topic must:

  • Be clearly connected to persuasion theory and research
  • Contain in-depth research into relevant theories of persuasion and/or persuasive discourse
  • Connect the research to your specific topic
  • 5-7 pages of double space type
    margins no greater than 1” (right, left, top, bottom)
    font no larger than 12 or smaller than 10
  • I’m not terribly concerned if you go a little over 7 pages if you need the room, but I do want to see at least 5 substantive pages of analysis in your paper


  • Incorporate at least 5 scholarly sources relevant to the persuasive discourse topic you have chosen. These must be cited in the text of your paper as well as included in a list of references at the end of the paper.
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) are not scholarly sources
  • Examples of scholarly sources are articles from reviewed journals or books published by scholars on persuasion (Hint: start with the sources that Perloff cites when discussing the topic you chose and work from there)
  • You may use other sources in addition to your scholarly sources such as newspapers, web sites, TV shows or movies if they are relevant to your topic or to your analysis
  • Use appropriate APA citation guidelines for formatting your works cited and for citing quoted or extensively paraphrased work in your paper. When in doubt, it is best to over cite rather than under cite

Sample Solution