Your team has been selected by ADNOC to study an interesting prospect – a sour gas reservoir in a foreign country. The host government is proposing two alternative methods to develop the field, with gas used in local power generation, but at present only limited data is available, primarily from one well test (currently waiting for the service company to provide the data) and other reservoirs in the same country. You need to supplement existing data by consulting the literature and/or making engineering estimates as required.

Working in your teams, you will do the following:

1. Complete your individual CV as instructed previously. These will be included in an Appendix in your final report. [Deadline Mon. 10th Apr. by e-mail]

2. Each team member must carry out the following personal assignment:
a. Divide the following subjects among team members:
i. Likely future product prices for gas and other products
ii. Decommissioning techniques and costs for facilities after abandonment
iii. Political and economic issues in your “host” country (to be revealed shortly)
iv. What new technology could be applied to improve recovery and/or economics
b. Each team member will write a report on their subject which will form an appendix in the final project report. The report should summarise the issues in the subject area associated with the project description. Then it should make recommendations about what to do or what data to use which relate to the project above. The rest of the project should be aligned with the recommendations as far as possible.




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