Pharmacogenomics of codeine

In section 1: How the star system work?
In section 2: What is the connection between CYP2D6 and the mechanism that you wrote?
In section 3: What are the recommendations for the therapy of poor metabolizers and ultra rapid metabolizers?
In section 3: What addverse affect that will get in poor and ultra rapid metabolizers if these recommendations has not been followed?
In section 3: for the pain relief is not measured by person satisfaction?? You have to mention some end point eficacies that has been changed after treatment. Such as vital signs of the body for the patients
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The opioid epidemic has led to a decrease in the prescribing of hydrocodone-containing analgesics and an increase in codeine prescriptions. Discuss the pharmacogenomics of codeine with reference to the human genetics, molecular mechanism and clinical relevance.
divide the work into 3 sections
– first section(human genetics that codine works on)
– second section (molecular mechanism of codine)
-third section (clinical relevance of codine)






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