Philosophical Teachings of Community and Justice

At the end of Book 1 of the Republic, Plato, in the voice of Socrates, argues that “justice is a kind of harmony.” Explain how Plato arrives at his conclusion that justice is a kind of harmony (using Book 1) and explain how he defends his view (using Book 2). Next, contrast Aristotle’s view of community and justice with that of Plato’s (hint: you may want to focus on the later books of the Nicomachean Ethics in which Aristotle discuss kinds of friendship and bonds in a community). Finally, explain which position Plato’s or Aristotle’s is more convincing. Defend your conclusion.
I am in support of Aristotle, he is more convincing. Please dedicate the last page, which will be page 5, to defending why I feel aristotle is more convincing. Your paper should be 4-5 pages double-spaced, normal margins. Please consult review videos I have sent also the book Aristotle Manichean ethics for assistance.

Sample Solution