Philosophy questions

  1. What is Kant’s Copemican revolution? 2. How does the Cogito suggest that human nature is not limited to material considerations? 3. Does Philonous endorse primary qualities? 4. Does Locke endorse innate ideas? 5. What does Hume hope to accomplish with the missing shade of blue? 6. What is the significance of Descartes’ wax experiment? 7. Does Hume view the necessary conditions of causation as also sufficient in relation to the concept of causality? 8. Does either Gaunilo or Kant succeed in refuting the Ontological Argument? 9. What does Bacon mean by the Idols of the Mind? 10. Does Malcolm succeed in overcoming Kant’s refutation of the Ontological Argument? 11. Does the Argument from Evil proof the nonexistence of God? 12. How does the Anthropic Principle invoke Final causation? 13. Would Paley and Darwin have been on the same side of the Design Argument? 14. How does Hume utilize his view of causation to criticize the Argument from Design? 15. Do Aquinas and Bonaventure think that the universe has a beginning in time? 16. Why did Fred Hoyle propose the Steady State Theory? 17. Which proof of Aquinas for the existence of God is the best? (in your view) 18. What was the significance of Newton’s Rules of Reasoning? 19. Is there any evidence of Aristotelian influence in the Five Ways of Aquinas? 20. What does Aquinas mean by the Analogy of Being?

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