Photo Analysis

  1. 2 photos of god
  • two photographers from the course (5 lessons lectures)who you think is a god
  • God: two photographers you like, your favorite.
  1. 2 photos of dogs
  • two photographers from the course (5 lessons lectures) who you think is a dog
  • Dog: two photographers you don’t like, least favorite.
  • persuasive essay explaining somebody you really like and don’t
  • grab quotation ( make sure to put citation where you grab it ) don’t copy paste like it is your own work
    how to get a good grade: Use a lot of ‘I’ and express how you feel/
    quote, life experience, why you think the photographer is a god with reference to your life experience and
    opinion, be subjective, be personal.
    DON’T: Do not just give background about it, don’t put biography or give fact or info. don’t include a biography
    you will get a bad grade.
  • can’t choose any photographers, photographers have to be chosen from the course material (5 lessons
    lectures) and lectures.
  • make sure it is Microsoft doc.

Sample Solution