Create floor plan attached and include all needed charicteristics. Please ensure colors are similar physical diagrams than that of logical diagram attatched.

Network design is as much of an art as it is a science. One of the necessary skills as a network designer includes creating diagrams, specifically, logical, physical, and wireless diagrams. For this exercise, each student is to develop their organization’s physical diagram using Microsoft Visio for the Network Proposal project and include appropriate narrative.

All diagrams, figures, tables, and so on should have an appropriate narrative describing in plain English what the diagram is trying to communicate
Start with a Floor Plan which includes measurements for scale.
Wiring should be clearly marked. The narrative should use the scale to accurately guestimate the amount of wiring necessary; the Narrative should discuss the type of wiring and reasons for the choice, etc.
Appropriate use of color (Designate Secured and Unsecured Networks; VLANs, etc.)
Consistent Use of Icons (Colors, sizes, etc.)
Recommended configuration information (IP addresses, gateways, DNS server, MAC addresses, etc.)

Sample Solution