BSBADM503 – PLAN AND MANAGE CONFERENCBSBHRM405 – Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staffES

Diploma of Business (Australia)- please do try answer questions in relevant with Australian policy/standard. Please answer in a simple, clear way that I can understand easily(no complex wording please).

Summative assessment 2:
Project 1

Part 1.
Complete the following activities in detail. Provide a rationale for your responses and support them with real-life examples where possible.
You are going to organise a conference suitable for/ relevant to the industry you work in/ the organisation you work for.
1. Select and explain the purpose and topic of your conference. (300 words).
2. Identify the most appropriate style for your conference. (300 words).
3. Design a checklist that you could use to assist you in selecting/ assessing a conference venue. (300 words).
4. Write a program/ agenda for your conference. (200 words).
5. Write a call for papers for your conference. (300 words).
6. Write a confirmation letter that could be sent to selected speakers. (300 words).
7. Identify the target audience for your conference. (150 words).
8. Design a registration form for your conference. (150).
9. Design an evaluation form for your conference. (150words).
10. Write a press release for your conference. (150 words).
11. Write a letter to be sent to attendees once they have registered for and paid in full for the conference. (300 words).
12. Outline the procedures you would establish to ensure swift facilitation of registration at the venue. (300 words).
13. Design a form that speakers could complete to outline their conference requirements. (250words).
Part 2.
1. Explain how and why contingency plans might be drawn up and why they are necessary. (50words)
2. Conduct some research and identify the procedures that should be followed when entering into contractual arrangements with other service providers, hiring a venue, agreeing on terms for exhibitors or contracting for equipment hire etc. (150 words)
3. Obtain details of provisions a caterer, conference venue or accommodation venue makes for attendees with special needs. Briefly outline these provisions and explain why they might be necessary. (150words)
4. Outline the method that might be utilised to publish and distribute conference papers. (150words)
5. Research, locate and briefly outline privacy laws relating to the use of attendee’s details/ information. (100 words)

Total of 3,750 word counts

Formative assessment:
Activity 2 (Question 1) Draw up a competency profile for your job, a colleague’s job, or other job you are familiar with which accurately reflect the role requirements. You must provide at least five competencies in your profile and state the job the profile has been written for. (300 words)
Activity 2 (Question 2) Use the competency profile from the previous question to complete a job description. (300)
Activity 3 (Question 2) What type of people might a diverse workforce be made up of? Provide at least eight examples. (150words)
Activity 7 (Question 2) Write a letter of application and résumé for a job being advertised that you are qualified for. Explain why you think the letter and résumé would ensure you were shortlisted for the job. The letter and résumé should be no more than four pages in length. (600 words)
Activity 9 (Question 1) Write a general plan for the interview process. Bear your interview objectives in mind. Write down the steps in logical order, and approximately how much time should be spent on each.300 words
Activity 9 (Question 2) Choose a job that has been advertised or a job that you are familiar with. Construct two each of open, direct and probing questions that could be asked at the interview to assess candidates against the agreed selection criteria. Experiment by asking other people each of the questions and see what type of answer you get to each. (300 words)
Activity 10 (Question 1) Create a one-page form you can use when contacting a referee by phone. (300 words)
Activity 11 (Question 1) Create a form suitable for use as a selection report. (300 words)
Activity 12 (Question 1) Draft a letter to be sent to unsuitable applicants. The letter should be general enough to be sent to every applicant excluded from the selection process. (300words)
Summative assessment 1
Question 4
• Describe five channels and technology to advertise vacancies. (One paragraph for each channel/ technology) 300 words
Question 5
• Explain a range of interview techniques. Describe the semi-structured interview technique in detail. Describe the selection process. (150 words)
Summative assessment 2
Project 1
• You work for a large organisation. You can choose the industry the organisation operates in. You have been asked to oversee the recruitment process for a new employee. You can choose the job role/ position. Develop a program for the recruitment of the person. (2,500)The program needs to include:
o a position description
o justification for the new position
o timeline for employment
o personal specifications
o assessment/ selection criteria
o organisational chart of where the position fits
o additional information required by an applicant
o an interview plan/ questions
o reference checking
o an advertising strategy
o how compliance with legislation will be ensured (eg when advertising, developing interview question, and selecting candidates)
o relevant documents (eg schedules, offers of employment, notices to unsuccessful candidates, selection report)
o what consultation took place and with whom (eg selection panel, manager, work team)
o how the person will be inducted?
Show how each step reflects human resource policies and procedures and the human resources life cycle.

Total of 5,800 word counts

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