Write a lab report summarizing your work on the features of convergent plate boundaries.
Review your work on subduction zone features from lab 3, volcanoes from lab 6 and earthquakes
from lab 8. Your report should include:
Title: Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes
Introduction: Brief introduction to subduction zones and the work you did in these labs.
Method: What techniques did you use to determine the type of volcano that was featured on the
map? How did you determine the epicenter and magnitude of the earthquake?
Results: What type of volcano is Crater Lake? Include your topographic profile to show your
evidence for your conclusion. On which plate boundary is this volcano located? What type of
magma would have been erupted? What was the magnitude of the earthquake you interpreted
and where was the epicenter? On which plate boundary was this earthquake located?
Discussion: Explain the relationship between the volcano, the earthquake and the processes that
occur at subduction zones. WHY were this magma type and this type of volcano produced at this
location? Why did the earthquake occur at this location. Include a subduction zone diagram to
help explain these processes.



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