Play Analysis

I. After reading Chapter 3 and the play assigned to your Production Team, write in a Word document and post
(hit Reply and attach) or copy/paste a short narrative (about a page long, logically constructed in full
sentences, 12’, single-spaced) in response to the following questions:
Action: Where in the read play is the action most rigorous and/or engaging? (Which is the highest moment of
dramatic tension or the scene when something significant happens?) Briefly describe the scene and tell us
what exactly makes it the highest point in the sequence of actions in the play.
Characters: Briefly describe your favorite character in the play based on his/her actions as visible through
stage notes or in the direct speech. What is the character’s behavior, what decisions does s/he make, what is
his/her attitude to the others considering the language s/he uses etc.? Based on your analysis, try to guest
what the character’s goal is throughout the play: why does the character stay in the scene, what is s/he trying
to achieve?
Genre: Which genre, from the ones covered in Chapter 3, best applies to this play? Based on that genre, what
is the overall tone and atmosphere of the play

Sample Solution