Pleasure vs philanthropy

conduct an informal experiment in which you plan and carry out two activities. The activities
should be done within about 7 days of each other. The activities should be something that you
intentionally plan to do. This should not something that you routinely do every week, or something that
you were going to do anyway, or something that winds up happening accidentally. You should plan to
take notes on your experience and write you reflection paper within a week of completing both activities
so the memory is fresh for you. With any activity that you choose to do, please keep health risks in
mind, and act in a safe and socially distanced manner. Here are the two activities:

  1. Pleasure: One activity should be an act (a safe and legal one…) that personally brings you
    pleasure or enjoyment
    § Yes – I’m assigning you to have fun J
  2. Philanthropy: The other activity should be one that promotes the quality of life for one or more
    other people, benefit someone else, and/or improve their well-being (i.e., philanthropy).
    § Some examples include: performing an act of philanthropy for someone that is
    already in your household or “bubble” (e.g., household chores, cook a meal);
    connecting with others online or via FaceTime/skype/zoom to tutor, mentor, or teach a
    skill; contacting a community organization/non-profit for ways that you can safely
    volunteer (e.g., masked + distanced + outdoors); organize “no contact”
    donations/drop off for a food pantry or a clothing drive; perform an outdoor act of
    kindness (e.g., park clean-up); send cards or notes to individuals experiencing
    isolation, or some other safe/socially distant philanthropic activity. Please keep the
    health and well-being of yourself and others in mind when performing this activity.
    Choose an activity that you are comfortable with, that you can do safely.
    § Please do not infringe on other people’s rights, freedoms, health, or safety in
    anyway; when appropriate, please ask permission before performing an activity that
    involves another person and take necessary precautions for health and safety (e.g.,
    wear a mask, wash your hands); please refrain from any actions that might be
    considered unwanted by another person (e.g., don’t “surprise” someone and repaint
    their room a new color they didn’t ask for, don’t trespass on your neighbor’s property
    to clean up their yard, etc.).
    o You do not need to spend any money in order to carry out this assignment. If you do choose to spend
    money, it should not be a large amount. Donations to charity should be more about donating your
    time/skills/goods than monetary donations.
    o Assignment details:
  3. Describe your “pleasure activity” and your “philanthropy activity”, explaining why you chose
    these acts (approx. 0.5 page).
  4. Describe how you felt before, during, and after the “pleasure activity” and the “philanthropy
    activity” (approx. 0.5 page per activity, 1 page total)
    a. Was the way you felt at any of these times different from what you expected? Did the
    feeling(s) last as long as you expected? Explain why/why not (approx. 0.5 page).
  5. Reflect on similarities and differences between these two experiences (approx. 1 page total)

Sample Solution