Poem analysis

You will need to write on the assigned poem “Dead Doe” by Brigit Peegan Kelly. The most important skill that
a literary analysis demonstrates is a “close reading” of a text. A close reading is where you directly tie analysis
or interpretation to specific quotes from the text. You should select your topic based on its literary value rather
than for historical, social, or political values. In other words, this assignment involves an in-depth analysis of
the poem based on its literary merits. I would warn you against summary and biography. Rather, you should
focus on things like theme, symbolism, metaphor, etc.. Try to pick one or two aspects of the poem to write
about. Try to put these things under the metaphoric microscope and really analyze the details concerning your
topic. Here are a few general aspects you might want to consider. You should NOT conduct outside research
on this poem. Your analysis should be yours alone.
Speaker Theme Audience Structure
Tone Enjambment Diction Form/Pattern
Connotative Language Denotative Language Imagery Metaphor
Humor Personification Figures of Speech Social Commentary
Symbolism Satire Irony Simile
Line Delineation Rhyme Scheme Situation Allusion
When you analyze the poem make sure you are very clear about your analysis. For example, state what you
analyzed, why it’s important, cite examples from the poem, and make sure you connect everything together. In
other words, don’t assume your reader knows exactly what you mean.
Remember that you need to focus on the poem based on its literary characteristics. You should have one main
idea/concept you examine throughout the paper. You must stay focused on that topic.

Sample Solution