Poem Analysis Essay

(Norton Field Guide pp. 205-215)

ENC 1102

Conduct field research and find a poem to analyze. Your analysis will examine one or more elements of the poem function to create a specific purpose.

Genre: poetry, fiction/nonfiction, style

Audience: general reader who wishes to gain information.

Course Objective: Synthesize ideas from a variety of sources. Integrate inquiry-based research and analysis to produce an accurate analysis of the poem. Produce analytic texts that effectively address different rhetorical situations. It requires research on the author, time period, styles and language to successfully produce an analysis.

Task: Write a 800-word (minimum) essay that provides an in-depth analysis of a poem. One possible option is to write an analysis essay explaining the usage of significant poetic devices or examples of figurative language that the author uses to convey a certain tone or a theme throughout the poem. You must use proper textual support and at least one example per body paragraph.

Thesis: The thesis statement must be at the end of the introduction paragraph. It must make a claim about how the poem works or what the poem means. The body paragraphs must work to prove this topic sentence.

Sample Solution