Poetry analysis essay


Write an extended definition essay based on one of the literary terminologies learned this semester (e.g. metaphor, paradox, symbolism, tone, etc.).The assignment must include the following three elements:
1) An extended definition of a literary terminology: at least one full paragraph in length
2) Identification of at least one example of the extended definition taken from a course
3) Discussion of how this example contributes to thematic meanings or purpose of the
course reading.
The essay must be a minimum of 450 words.
The primary text utilized in the Definition Essay must be based on course readings.
This assignment is assessed according to three criteria that align with the following course outcomes:
Communication and Expression
• Write an essay of literary analysis that develops an interpretive thesis supported by appropriate and correctly cited evidence.
• Read receptively and reflectively, with sensitivity to the subtleties of language
• Recognize and understand literary devices, including those listed under the headings of
Reading Fiction, Reading Poetry and Reading Drama.

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