Policies proposed by government to address the macroeconomic issue.

  1. Individual Policy Options: Please provide the decision maker with at least three policies proposed by
    government to address the macroeconomic issue.Please distinctly demarcate the three policies. Focus of
    paper is on addressing solutions to a macroeconomic problem and how each policy will help address the issue
    and help economy.
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of each current or potential strategy: You will present the pros and cons of
    each of three policies you have presented. Please clearly demarcate pros and cons of each strategy
  3. Your Recommendation: After prioritizing the relative pros and cons of the above policies, please recommend
    one policy from the three policies you have analyzed. The aim of the policy recommendation is to provide a
    detailed and convincing proposal of the advantages of the recommended strategy and how it will help the
    economy. Please highlight recommended strategy.
  4. Sources Consulted or Recommended: This is essentially an annotated bibliography in the event that the
    decision maker has the interest and time to read up on a specific issue. Aside from standard books and
    articles, on-line sources and personal interviews may be cited.
  5. Format, spell check, organization
    Structure of paper. You are required to follow structure given below.
    1.Title page
    2.Two pages of information from summary. Please demarcate end of summary
  6. Policy one: Analysis of policy one
  7. Analysis of pros and cons of policy one
  8. Policy two: Analysis of policy two
  9. Analysis of pros and cons of policy two
  10. Policy three: Analysis of policy three
  11. Analysis of pros and cons of policy three
  12. Recommended strategy based on policies you have analyzed
  13. Annotated bibliography
  14. Formal, spell check, organization

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