Policy Implication and Public finance

TOPIC 1: One of the Texas governor’s most influential powers is the power of appointment. What are some examples of this appointment power? What are the limits on it? What are the larger policy implications of it? Why might this power sometimes be controversial?

TOPIC 2: Much controversy surrounds the issue of taxation. Many believe it is a duty to pay them. Others characterize taxes as legalized theft. In Texas, there is no state income tax, with the main source of tax revenue coming from sales tax and property taxes. After reading the chapter on Public Finance, answer the following regarding taxation:

How much of a personal responsibility it is for individual people to pay taxes (any kind) to the government. (Remember, we are talking state government here.)
How much of a “right” do individual have in saying how their taxes are spent? Importantly, be sure to discuss HOW individuals express that right.
What are regressive and progressive taxes? Are sales tax and use taxes a fair way to fund the state government, or is an income tax necessary to fund the state government properly?

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