Politics and Policy Making in America

There are two paper that you need to do. First paper is the Documentary Paper, this is a 2 page of papers response to the documentary that I will eventually provide it to you. Second paper is only one page long, your job is looking for a an event happening right now in the US. Write a summary base on that event. Additional materials, I will surely provide it details for you in the file. **Note: Please carefully read the prompt carefully, if you using quote please put it on in quote citation for credits and avoid plagiarism. This is very important for me, again, total of 3 pages, 2 for the documentary response and 1 for current event summary paper. Feel free to contact me and keep me update if there is anything unclear about this assignment. I need you to be able to get it done perfectly. — For the current event paper, pick a decent news such as Wall street journal, Washington Post, NY times, La times, The Economist etc…. –This is a link to a documentary for a documentary response paper: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/trouble-with-chicken/ (Watch it and response to it base on the prompt I’ve provided for you)

Sample Solution