Use the Harvard system of in-text citation and include a bibliography, to write a 1200-word essay.
Footnotes are included in the word count; the bibliography is excluded. (Essay must be 100% plagiarism free) Please use as in text citation and bibliography the reading material I have attached, and websites links I have provided at the bottom of this paper. In addition to the above material, you can use other sources I.e. books and Journals if you find them useful.
Answer the following Question in more detail:

Anthony Crosland claimed that ‘Marx has little or nothing to offer the contemporary socialist’.
What did he mean? And was he right?
Writing structure of how the essay must be in the following format
Introduction (10%)
• Interpretation of the question – understand the precise task set by the title
• Your particular focus
• Outline your essay argument
Main Body (80%)
• Outline the target of your essay
• What are you analysing?
• What do you agree/disagree with and why?
• What is the evidence? What have others said about the same subject matter?
• What is the evidence? What have others said?
• Always link back to the main question/introduction
Conclusion (10%)
• No new material (don’t introduce new argument)
• Restate your argument, state your conclusion – what have you shown?
• State significance of your position.
• Link back to the title of the assignment.

Strengths of an essay
– Thesis statement (the introduction) must be clear
– Mixed methods of evidence
– Good evidence plus knowledge
– Further research
– Structure – signposting the reader to your sources i.e. making in text citations.
– Relevance of argument/what is the key tenets of your argument?
Sometimes great essays lack critical engagement such an essay will talk about for instance, advantage and disadvantage but it will not go further to say anything about what these advantages/disadvantages are.
– Bad introduction
– Lack of structure
– Lack of evidence
– Poor relevance
Further Reading list websites for the essay in addition to the other reading list

Yanis Varoufakis: How I became an erratic Marxist

Socialism has failed. Now capitalism is bankrupt. So, what comes next?

Marx and socialism: A critical evaluation
The future of British social democracy: lessons from Anthony Crosland

The future of British social democracy: lessons from Anthony Crosland

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