Answer these 3 questions in an essay. In each answer, please indicate the question number that you are responding.

Question 1:

a. Hegemony, relations of force, historical bloc
b: the logic of practice: structures, habitus, and practices

Describe the concept of “hegemony” that Antonio Gramsci suggests and the concept of “habitus” that Pierre Bourdieu suggests. Discuss the ways in which conceptualizations of hegemony and habitus can be understood as critiques of a structure-superstructure based description of capitalist society.

Question 2:

  1. hegemony, power, and languages of contention
    b: hegemony, relations of force, the historical bloc

discuss why William Roseberry modifies Antonio Gramsci’s hegemony as “hegemonic process” through the case of the protests out broke following the acquittal of police officers who had beaten Rodney King in Los Angeles in 1992 (also known as the 1992 Los Angeles riots). Explain how Gramsci’s concept of hegemony can help us examine and understand these protests, and how our understanding of the protests can further be complicated by using Roseberry’s hegemonic process.

Question 3:
a. everyday forms of resistance
b. the romance of resistance: tracing transformations of power through Bedouin women

Describe what James Scott calls “everyday forms of resistance” and identify at least three defining characteristics that Scott suggests. Discuss how Laila Abu-lughod’s analysis of everyday forms of resistance differs from Scott’s analysis of everyday forms of resistance.




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