1.Compose an essay that summarized the Article below:

Labor as ‘Nature,’ Nature as Labor: “Stay the Course” of Capitalism in WALL-E’s Edenic Recovery Narrative.
By Michelle Yates

  1. Your summary must clearly and accurately state the article’s title, year of publication, the journal it was published in, the author’s name, the topic, research question, and main argument.
  2. It must also explain how the author relates her argument to other scholarship on their topic. Tell your reader what the author says they are adding to the scholarly conversation. Are they critiquing someone else’s article? Building on someone else’s ideas? Examining an aspect that hadn’t been examined before? Putting some ideas together than hadn’t previously been thought of as related?
  3. Lastly, your summary must describe how the author goes about proving their argument by stating the smaller supporting arguments and identifying the key evidence for those arguments.

Sample Solution