Population-focused change

• Describe the population-focused change in scope of practice and the diverse roles of the community nurse as an integral part of the health care team that practices, plans, and promotes holistic care focused on equality, compassion and evidence-based best care and quality health outcomes.
• Integrate evidence-based knowledge, nursing theories and information from other disciplines to apply to a dynamic population-focused nursing practice that adjust to population needs for best healthy outcomes in the care of diverse communities, individual patients, groups, and populations.
• Evaluate community health conditions; health risks, and problems using assessment results to effect health care plans, focused interventions, and policy development populations for patients and populations and develop clinical prevention and population-focused interventions, using resources and technology that promotes population health and safety that incorporates, efficacy, cost-effectiveness, diversity, and equity.
• Apply principles of leadership and collaboration skills to develop professional relationships with stakeholders in the public and private sectors for advocacy for policies, preventions, and promotion to meet the needs of underserved populations with efficacy.

Sample Solution