Population Health Construct Presentation

Introduction: Public health nursing practice is population-focused with a goal of improving health outcomes. Nurses often work with an interdisciplinary team to address societal health concerns, promote health, and protect the health of populations. The role of a public health nurse has expanded beyond providing health education to include advocacy, social marketing, policy development & enforcement, surveillance, disease & health event investigation, outreach, screening, referral & follow-up, case management, delegated functions, counseling, consultation, collaboration, coalition building, and community organizing (Minnesota Department of Health, 2019). Nursing students will work be assigned a topic to develop a Societal Health Construct Power Point Presentation that addresses a topic of concern for a population. The purpose of this activity is to identify community and systems level interventions that address health disparities and social determinants of health (SDOH) to impact health outcomes within populations or communities.
Student will choose a societal health construct topic of choice provided in the course syllabus. MINE IS HOME CARE

  1. Search the literature for related information
    A. Identify evidence-based population-focused interdisciplinary interventions, actions, or strategies to address the societal health concern.
    B. Link to a societal health construct such as community crisis, community empowerment, community resiliency, community vulnerability, community uncertainty, community engagement, community cultural influence, community coping, community burden, community protection, community fear, community struggling, community balancing, etc.
    C. Link the topic to a Healthy People 2030 objective: https://www.healthypeople.gov/2030/topics-objectives
  2. Define the problem and the societal health construct.
  3. Summarize research findings related to the topic and societal health construct.
  4. Draw conclusions based on synthesis of evidence.
  5. Make recommendations for public health nursing practice on how to address the concern including potential partnerships and resources that may be needed. Be sure to include community and systems level interventions.
  6. Provide a reference list.

Sample Solution