Portfolio Project

You will perform research and compose an informative and persuasive research paper based on the following real-world scenario:

You are working in a medical office as part of a team that determines the position the company will take when presented with specific ethical challenges. You must pick and evaluate a single case from the list presented in the link below. To justify your ethical position, write an ethical paper using either utilitarianism or deontology as your main ethical support.

The list of case studies you must choose from can be found here:

Your portfolio project needs to support your position with ethical research. This research must come from scholarly sources to strengthen and explain your ethical position to your colleagues. As you write make sure to include a discussion of the underlying ethical issues your case brings up, as those issues may affect health care decision-making. In addition to your position and ethical support, it is important to present at least one counterargument to your position to show that you understand opposing viewpoints. You must then present a rebuttal to that counter argument which will help sway the panel to your position.

Keep in mind these course outcomes as you write up your ethical stance:
• Describe the ethical theories and philosophical approaches we have discussed in class for assessing moral/ethical decisions in typical health care scenarios.
• Identify underlying ethical issues influencing decision-making in the provision of health care services.
• Apply analytical techniques to resolve ethical dilemmas presented in health care case studies.
• Formulate moral/ethical obligations of a health care entity to the community it serves.
• Evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of personal moral judgments as well as the judgments and choices of others.

Sample Solution