Portfolio Proposal

For this assignment, you need to design a two-page spread in photoshop or another program that is similar.
You will want to include the types of content you want to have in your portfolio on the left page, and brainstorm
and mock up an idea for the overall layout of the portfolio on the right side.
Again, actual portfolio items do not to be included. This is just a portfolio proposal.
On the left page:
• Categories of portfolio items (list at least four types).
• In a paragraph, list classes that might involve producing these types of portfolio
• In a few paragraphs, write other ways you can produce portfolio items, such as at
an internship, part-time job, or freelance work.
On the right page:
• A mockup of what the portfolio would look like.
Everything can be made up and it completely hypothetical. However, my degree is in business so something
that relates to business would be ideal.

Sample Solution