Portrayal of Families and Relationships

As societal-norms evolve, a variety of popular entertainment media (books, movies, TV shows, etc.) feature
stories of characters who are a part of traditional and non-traditional family or relationship structures. Examples
include but are not limited to: traditional families, cohabitation, single-parent households, blended families,
same-sex couples, and grandparents as the primary care-givers for their grandchildren.
In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, address the following:
1- Describe a book, movie, or TV show that you are familiar with which features characters in families or
personal relationships.
2- Select at least two families/relationships from your chosen story and explain the relationship characteristics
and dynamics between individuals.
3-Apply terminology presented within the module when analyzing the relationships. Be sure to include APA
citations for any resources you used as references

Sample Solution