What is Positionality In cultural accounts of experience, positionally refers to both the fact of and the Specific co Owen sOCial sh-nation So. where one might talk about the ‘position” of an individual in a social structure. positionally” draws attention to the conditions under which such a position arises. the factors Mat stabilize that position and the implications of that position with reference to the forces Mat maintain
POSIT10NALITY: Positionality is where one fits in society. Do one’s Identities work to give them power or to oppress them? Obviously, this Is not an either/or question. In order to her avoid inadvertently reproducing certain forms of oppression in social justice work, it is important for the activists (and scholars and EVERYONE who claims to seek a more equal, less oppressive future) to examine their own identities and understand how their identities give them privilege In a society or not.
Critical consciousness challenges social workers to be cognizant of power differentials and how these differentials may Jnadverlently make social-work practice an oppressive experience



















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