Post graduate Plan

Your Post-Graduation Plan is an opportunity to explore how you may continue to develop your professional and leadership skills, promote change in your department and organization, and stimulate progress in the nursing profession.

o As a graduate of a DNP program, how will you contribute to or influence issues or developments related to ethics, standards, politics, economics, social change, and technology? o What opportunities will you pursue to develop scholarship, engage in community service, and/or teach? o In which professional organizations or associations would you like to become an active member? o What opportunities do you foresee for attending conferences, delivering presentations and posters, writing papers, and lobbying? o How will you ensure that you engage in ongoing review of research and stay current on the literature? o What strategies do you plan to employ for cultivating professional relationships? o Would you like to run for political office or join a committee? o How will you continue to develop skills as a nurse leader, particularly in your area of specialization (e.g., certifications)? o How will you accommodate the dynamic, rapidly evolving nature of the health care environment? In other words, would you build in a renewal cycle or alternate steps for achieving your goals? o How will you account for unexpected personal or professional events in the planning and attainment of your professional goals?




Sample Solution